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Florida State University

Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art (emphasis in Graphic Design)

Master of Science, Integrated Marketing Communication

Florida State's IMC program was terrific. My professors put me in real-world marketing situations with real clients like Publix and FSU's College of Communication and Information. I worked in group settings, developed my leadership skills, and consistently earned high marks for my creativity and prose— all while working full-time.

The program was the perfect opportunity to sharpen the skills I'd learned both in my undergrad and in the year I worked in marketing at IRBsearch. I had no problem acing classes on content management systems, project management, account planning, statistical analysis, and communication management. I had several problems acing Comm Theory, which is probably why I didn't ace it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And more importantly, the group work I did made me a master (heh) at managing a team, setting deadlines, monitoring progress, and making adjustments on-the-fly. Things rarely go according to plan, but I can roll with the punches like no other.

Work Experience

Full Sail University

Report Writer | May 2016 - present

At Full Sail I create clear and actionable reporting by writing SQL queries for our SalesForce backend and visualizing the resulting data in Tableau dashboards. In the time I've been with the department I've quickly become the Tableau expert- other users come to me for help when creating reports, and my analysis has driven decision-making by everyone from marketing analysts all the way up to the executive board of the university itself.

My experience in SQL also makes the department much more nimble- with me on board we can pull new data and test new theories within the span of a meeting instead of waiting a few days for an IT ticket.

I've spearheaded the effort to move all of Marketing's reporting from Excel to Tableau- and that's a *lot* of reporting. I work with our VP of Marketing, Director of Marketing Communications, and other stakeholders in the department to define the questions they want answered and then build dashboards that give them quick access to the info they need. No more pulling several reports from SalesForce, combining them, and then manually creating pivot tables in Excel. Now reports live on our Tableau server and always have the most up-to-date data with zero effort required. I'm also thinking of getting a calculator watch but there are just so many options, you know?

My push for Tableau has let me rapidly increase the efficiency of the department. For example, each year we create a sprawling consumer research presentation from several data sources that each have to be cleaned and standardized before analyzing. When I first arrived we were mid-way through that year's project, which ultimately wouldn't be completed until October 2016. I took ownership of the project and had the next year's data ready for presentation in March- a 7-month reduction in time.

Florida Department of Education

Payment Specialist, McKay Scholarship Program | May 2011 - May 2016

I served as the payment and data guru in the Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice, where I paid 55,000 K-12 students with disabilities more than $927 million in scholarship funds. No man is an island, and that's especially true at the DOE— I know how important building relationships is (regardless of the field) so I built close ties with four separate offices to make sure each payment cycle ran smooth from start to finish.

It was a hectic position, no doubt. I never had grey hairs until this job. Even so, my eye for efficiency and incremental improvement reduced the time it took to generate and send out scholarship checks by nearly three weeks. Our payment deadlines were set in statute, so there was no room for error. But even when our payment application was going haywire, or the legislature hit us with new program requirements mid-year (true story), we never missed a statutory deadline under my watch.

I was also the go-to person when data requests came from my office, the legislature, and the media. I learned SQL on my own, and I was the team lead when it came to troubleshooting bugs and plotting out improvements to our in-house payment application. I became comfortable hand-writing SQL queries to generate reports, and it was easy for me to parse out trends and set goals based on the data.


Marketing Representative | May 2010 - April 2011

I was hired at IRBsearch just a few days before graduating with my bachelor's degree, and I quickly became an integral part of a small team that developed and executed national marketing campaigns aimed at generating leads and increasing signups for the company's people-search database. I placed and tracked web and print advertisements, monitored web traffic through Google Analytics, and wrote monthly email campaigns with MailChimp. Thanks to my creativity and work ethic my superiors placed me on a team charged with plotting out long-term strategy for the company.

I also wrote and designed the company's newsletter which was sent out to more than 10,000 clients each month. Adobe's Creative Suite became part of my daily workflow, and I'm skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. After a year at IRB I realized A) marketing was something I wanted to make a career out of, and 2) I still had a lot to learn. I wanted to earn my master's without going into debt, so once I was accepted at Florida State I took a job with the State of Florida where I could earn my master’s on the state waiver.

What People Are Saying:

  • Dave's analytical aptitude as well as project and time management skills are very strong which results in his "client" being satisfied and confident in his work. In short, if you are requiring something from Dave, you know you're going to get it on time (if not early) and it will be accurate.

    Nicole Halstead, Director of Marketing Operations
    Full Sail University
  • Dave is a make-it-happen kind of guy. His abilities run the gamut from graphics to data management, with superior communication skills in between. Combine those with his team-conscious project management style and friendly demeanor, and Dave will be an asset to any company.

    Cathy Russell, Scholarship Program Manager
    Florida Department of Education
  • Dave has been an excellent addition to the Marketing team. He has embraced our culture and improved upon what we do with Marketing reporting. In addition to Dave's reporting expertise that he brings to the team, he constantly finds new ways to improve on what we do. Thank you Dave for all you do!

    Dennine Gressel, Director of Marketing Communications
    Full Sail University
  • You may want to thank me in some way for having groomed Dave these past few years. If that's the case, my favorite restaurant is Kool Beanz here in Tallahassee... unless of course you're a registered lobbyist in the state of Florida, in which case just send me a thank-you card.

    Laura Harrison, Director of Scholarship Programs
    Florida Department of Education



Q & A

What computer skills do you have?

You want skills? I got skills.
Software: Tableau 10, SQL Server Management Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Toad for Oracle
Programming: HTML, CSS, SQL, dabbling with Python and PHP

So you built this whole website just to find a job?

I’m a “whatever it takes” kinda guy.

What kind of job are you looking for?

I’m looking for a job where I can answer questions with data. My mind is uniquely built at the intersection of left-brain and right-brain, meaning I can create a dashboard from multiple data sources that ultimately serves to Rick Roll someone. (Oddly enough that specific skill isn’t in high demand.)

When should I hire you?

As soon as humanly possible.

You have... a lot of different experiences. When are you going to find a nice career path to settle down with and give us grandchildren?

Mom who let you in here? I'm fortunate to have an insanely inquisitive mind, so whenever I see a problem I take it upon myself to come up with a solution. When All-Night Yahtzee (the a cappella group I directed in undergrad) needed money to release a new CD I gave myself a crash course in video production to support a Kickstarter project. My experience with SQL began when our lead programmer at the DOE retired. All of which is a long way of saying I look at everyday challenges as opportunities to learn and improve myself.

I'm sold. How do I get in touch with you?

I hoped you would be. Please email me at LetsTalk@DaveForHire.com and we can set up a time to chat.

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